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#814: More on Lavinai Williams

From: Jean Claude <jc_international@yahoo.com>

I'm truly sorry to hear of the loss of Lavinia
Try to locate Sarah Yaborough. She is Lavinia
daughther who is also a dancer. She would be able to
supply you with material about her mother's
accomplishment. When you locate Sarah, I would like
like her Email address as we were chidhood friends.

From: HerardN@aol.com

I studied with Lavinia Williams while I was on scholarship at the Alvin Ailey 
Dance Theatre.  She was incredible.  One of her daughters, Sara Yarborough 
(who grew up in Haiti), was a dancer at AADC as well.  Lavinia also taught at 
the Harkness Ballet.  Haiti embraced her as one their own and from what I was 
told she was buried in Haiti.  My cousin was a member of the dance that she 
ran in Haiti back in the 50's.  

Regarding the Katherine Dunham book, I think Lavina started out as a member 
of Dunham's company.  That would probably explain why the Dunham book comes 
up in a search for her.

Nancy Herard-Brown