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#818: "Aristide partisans break up ceremony" (fwd)

>From Mario L. Delatour mardel@gol.com Tokyo-Japan

The growing practice of using "Junas" plastic bottles, filled with urine as
a political instrument may be distateful, but it is sadly a vast
improvement over what I witnessed one day under GeneralProsper Avril.

Army elements of the now defunct FADH went around one evening in 1989 with
a sanitary truckand dumped, vast quantities of human feces in front of
Sylvio Claude's political office on the Champs de Mars,their main political
foe at the
time. A fair amount was also reserved for the offices of Theodore's PUCH
(Parti unifie des communistes haitiens).Last but not least, CATH/CLATH, a
worker's union in downtown Port au Prince, also received it's fair share.
The next day, traffic in front of Sylvio Claude's office, which happened to
be at the busy intersection of Champs de Mars and "Tifou",was nothing short
of mayhem. When questionned about the event,Max Bougeolly the #2 person at
PUCH had this to say in disgust "This clearly shows,that the people
responsible for this,have nothing less than the same substance in their
In january of 1991,in the aftermath of Roger Lafontant failed coup,over
zealous followers of Aristide thrashed the Papal nuncio's residence in
their desperate search for Monsignor Ligonde. Once again feces were used to
graffiti the numerous walls of the papal nuncio's rsidence.I will spare you
content of the invectives.

For those of you not familiar with the dirty tricks of Haitian politics,the
practice of using "urine" or "feces" in political warfare, is nothing new
at all.It simply varies on the level of hatred or disdain for one's
political adversary.