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#847: bagay and stuff, mem or not : Lyall asks

From: J. David Lyall <jdlyall@attglobal.net>

I found myself in Texas and Louisiana again in October, following
my explorations in New Orleans during August.

I am doing labor union organizing among the lower proletariat.
One guy in Houston is a cajun from southern Louisiana.
I asked him if he pale any kreyol/creole. He said 'pas connais',
it sounded different from Haitian kreyol, more french I suppose.
I speak no french whatsoever.

I was curious about one thing  after having discussed kreyol words
with brother Corbett while in St Louis over the summer.
Bob says that Bagay, as in 'mem bagay'  (lo mismo?)
is an african word, not french, and that he listens for it when
eavesdropping of frenchie speakers.

So, to the point. This older gentleman, who understands creole
a bit but doesn't speak it, knows 'mem bagay'. 
This is interesting. I suppose it reflects the true atlantic character
of caribbean creole/kreyol. Mostly white acadians use african words
in their creole.

This will probably be no surprize to the many linguists on the list,
I was surprized by it, and pleased.
J. David Lyall
dlyall AT cruzio DOT com