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#863: Re: #847: bagay : Backer comments

From: Eddie Backer <edback50@yahoo.com>

I am certainly no linguist but my understanding so far
was that the word "bagay" comes from the french word
baggage which can mean luggage or loot. My impression
seems to be supported by the fact that in Guadeloupean
creole, the equivalent for "bagay" is "biten" which
comes from the french word "butin" which also measn
loot. Also, the pirat context in which creole emerged
would probably support that hypothesis as well. 

It's possible that there was a cross between an
african word and the french word "baggage", but the
"baggage" root of the word "bagay" seems highly

Anyway, I am new so I should probably introduce
myself. My name is Eddie Backer but I will sign my
messages Minouche which is what my Haitian friends
call me. I am originally from Haiti and in my first
year of law school here in New York.

Ciao! :)

Minouche Backer