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#872: Students needing advice on travel to Haiti

From: Ralph Reid <rafreid@hotmail.com>

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>From: "p.j" <patrik.johansson@city.ornskoldsvik.com>
>Last chance .. seam to be really hard to find some information about this 
>on the internet ..
>We are 21 students leaving from sweden to the dominician republic. But
>there is some of us that is going to haiti, Port au prince. Ok as i said 
>landing in dr. more exactly Puerto plata .. Now i need to know  if there is
>any flights or other transportation (prefer a flight) from Puerto plata to 
>Port au prince.
>And  what does it cost? We are 3 students that is leaving from puerto plata 
>haiti . And we are going to make a documentary movie of haiti and a folow 
>storie of a swedish organisation called Star of hope that have some 
>running in haiti with children and schools . If you want more information
>about star of hope go to www.starofhope.org . It would be apriciated if 
>one could send me some information or maby even some web page where i could
>get some facts about the transportation from dr to haiti.
>Maby you know some good place we could stay at,as well (in port au prince).
>Please email me if you have some information that you think we could use. 
>greatfull for every answer i get . n were running short of time . i would 
>be glad if if i could
>get an answer asap.
>Were ariving at Puerto plata the 16th of november and planning to get to 
>Port au Prince at
>the 18th of november..
>ps. im looking forward to explore your

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