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#860: LET'S CHAT WITH BILL CLINTON ABOUT HAITI : Frantz replies (fwd)

From: Bourget Frantz <Bourget.Frantz@bscexc.bls.com>

When will we learn to take care of our own problems?  First, we (most
Haitians) were in favor of Bill Clinton's assistance to return Aristide and
now we are asking him (Bill Clinton) to remove Aristide.  As was the
assistance we received from 1915 to 1936, 1994's version is turning out to
be much of the same from FAD'H to CIMO, PNH (Police National Haitienne)in
other words more problems. Thus, it is time that we start thinking of real
solutions for (Haiti's) problems not those piece by piece approach (kole

Neg lakay