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#857: Re: #854: Carmen Christophe : A reply (fwd)

From: H P <kemsere@hotmail.com>

I just wanted to know which house this peson wanted to know about.
Carmen Christophe had a house in Peguyville and one in Petion-Ville near 
Eglise St Therese off rue Lambert.
I don't know when the first one was dechouked, but I remember the second 
one. I was on my way home from school with my mother one day and we got 
caught in the middle of the dechoucage in our car. I must have been nine 
years old so it was 1987. I know I was in fourth grade and think it was when 
Namphy was overthrown by a coup.
It was quite a memorable experience as I remember there were men coming out 
of the property with toilet bowls and sinks on their heads.
I remember the croud was very agressive and this man helped my mother by 
making way for our small car. People threw rocks at us and we had no idea 
what was going on. This other man said to my mother "madanm, pa rete la-a! 
Pran pitit ou e al lakay ou!" As if my mother wanted to stay there!

Some experiences mark you more than others. That day was one of them, along 
with February 1986 on the Champ de Mars the day the flag was officially 
changed from black and red to blue and red.

E. Zennie.