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#3958: Note to the list from Poincy

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Note to the list

I feel compelled to write this note to the list because discussants tend
to become thin skin lately on non-essential aspects of my posts to find
room to ignore the question posed and the ideas that I bring on the
table to stir stagnant thoughts, and avoid debating its essence.  

When voicing my opinion on the list, first and foremost I debate and
while debating I don't expect anyone to agree with me and I am not
looking for disciples. I am a mind of my own. I don't go around and
distort one's thought for the sake of doing so to advance my own. I
point out flaws in one's thought to simply bring more light on the

If I have to agree constantly in a debate without bringing in new
perspectives, I won't partake in any discussion. If I strongly agree
with one's view and have nothing to add I do it off line. In the rare
cases that I openly agree with one's view on the list, I always bring
the list's attention to other aspects not being raised, but important to
the subject matter. This is one reason I refused to get bogged down to
facts on this list.

Sometimes, I feel it necessary to synthesize one's thoughts in one. When
I do, I could be wrong. However, the essence being discussed has no
bearing on what one's thoughts really are and how I represent them. I
don't linger on what one says, but using it as a guiding line to present
an opposing idea or a different way of seeing things. Otherwise, there
is no point to debate. Apparently, discussants don't seem to like very
much opposing views on this list.  

Once I am convinced by one's argument, I let the issue go. Otherwise, I
make sure that I have the stamina to produce sound arguments and I
always find steam. I am a very controversial member of the list and
again I am not looking for disciples. I have a view and don't look for
many to agree with me so I can feel good or I feel that I am right. I am
not running a political campaign. I enjoyed the facts that others oppose
my views, that's healthier. 

I debate to stir dormant ideas, to bring people to a reality check and
address issues they ignore, refuse to address, or just let go because
they are not popular when in fact they are deeply nurturing them. When
great attention is paid to the ideas I bring on the table, one will see
that what s/he said and how it is said is not the object in point but
the ideas it entails to.  

Folks, excuse me before hand, if I ever have to synthesize and
misinterpret your thoughts as a result. I beg of you, however, to focus
on the essential if you find my posts worthy to read, instead of pulling
the "idea distorter" card on me.  For the benefits of Ayiti, let's
debate issues rather than fighting to see who is more right or wrong,
rather than trying to see who has more knowledge than others. Let's
resort to logic as my posts force whoever feels necessary to reply to do

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live