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#3964: Haitian names (fwd)

From: Janet Higbie <higbiej@nytimes.com>

The communications outlet for which I toil has a policy of using
"official'' names for people quoted in most news stories.   This means
full, given names rather than nicknames (with a few exceptions, such as
Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter) and accents for names of people living in
countries where French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German is the major

This presents a bit of a challenge for stories from Haiti.  No problem for
middle-class politicians, officials and business people, because they have
a French-language official identity -- we use the French spelling and
accents.  But what about Haitians who speak only Creole?   I'm think of
those names that could be spelled either in French or Creole -- to pick a
completely random example, Régine or Rejin.  Would the official name, the
one that might be recorded on a birth certificate, parish record or
election register, be spelled in French or Creole?  

My apologies if this sounds a bit pedantic, but the goal is consistency and

La Higbie