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#3971: Lynn Garrison, news of: Chamberlain replies to Pina (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Kevin Pina wrote:

> As for Baudry and Norton, I am not in the 
> habit of doing other people's homework. 
> They seem to be content with their own sources.

Ah, the great get-out !  How can one be serious
about "getting the news out" and then deliberately
NOT send the news to the two people Kevin
and I know are the very top two means of getting
news about Haiti to the outside world (since they
work for news agencies which are the basis of 
the rest of the world's media and since they are
the only major foreign news organisation 
correspondents permanently resident in Haiti).

It may be satisfying to tip off 50 other news 
organisations (all outside Haiti, I presume), 
but Kevin knows perfectly well that small
left-wing media outlets don't have the audience
(so there is less point if the aim really is to get
the news out) and that any big TV networks
wouldn't put their huge resources into gear
for an ostensibly small detail like Garrison's 

This is called a serious case of "mauvaise 
foi" (bad faith), Kevin !  Also a criminal waste
of the news you had about Garrison.  Now you
can perhaps say there's a international media 
plot not to report "serious" news about Haiti !
La politique de doublure!

It's Bauduy, not Baudry, BTW.  And please, 
I do not want to hear that Jennifer Bauduy 
(Reuters) is a lackey of the Duvaliers because 
her father was a minor Duvalier cabinet minister 
20 years ago.  Guilt by association.  An old trick, 
always sells, lots of fun, rather silly, can be deadly.

        Greg Chamberlain