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#3968: About the elections, arrest ...Jerome comments to Blanchet


Mr Blanchet do you find it acceptable that Mr Claude Raymond was not free to 
move at will and seek treament for whatever medical condition he had instead 
of having to accept whatever treatment the government was willing to provide 
him and furthermore having his medical diagnosis or presumed diagnosis made 
public without his consent. Don't read any particular leaning into my 
question. Since there has been a lot of advocates of "democracy" (at all 
costs) on this list, I am just asking it for the sake of the argument. Mr 
Raymond so far as I know had never been tried after his arrest. So how in the 
name of Democracy as promoted by the american patrons and of course supported 
by Mr Aristide who was brought back to Haiti in the name of Democracy did Mr 
Raymond end up dying under these conditions. Is that logical? I am looking 
for some consistency here. And what is the meaning of those post election 
arrests in our "democratic" system? We Haitians have "embraced Democracy" is 
the general cry in Haiti and abroad. So how do we conciliate all that? I have 
a very simple question to end with. Do you at the bottom of your heart 
believe that Haitians today are ready to embrace that "american brand 
democracy"? If you believe the affirmative, please answer the above 
questions. If not, what about talking openly about the alternatives instead?
      Math Jerome.