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#3974: VOA Broadcast 5/31 (fwd)

From: John C. Kozyn <consultht@mindspring.com>

Hi Bob,

I thought listers who have shortwave radios or speakers with their computers
;) might in interrested in the following announcement I received:

Please see below details of  program for NEXT Wednesday.
On Wednesday MAY 31, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. EST (4:00 p.m. ECT), Caribbean
Perspective will air a radio program via satellite to the Caribbean.
The program will discuss the ELECTIONS IN HAITI.


. Orlando Marville, Leader of the Organization of American States Observer
. Professor Rich Gosser, International Coalition of Independent observers;
. Yvon Neptune, Spokesperson, Fanmi Lavalas Party;
. Ben Dupuy, National Popular Party, and Journalist with Haiti Progres.

Listen at: www.voa.gov.  Click on Webcasts, then click on Caribbean

Derrice Deane
Host, Caribbean Perspective
Voice of America
3rd Floor Newsroom
Room 3500,
330 Independence Avenue, S.W.,
D.C. 20547
Tel:  301-649-4133 (h); 202-619-2659 (w); 202-714-9697(cell)
Fax: 301-649-4140 (h); 202-619-2400 (w)
e-mail: ddcarib@aol.com (h); ddeane@voa.gov (w)

John Kozyn