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#4006: DeGraff's reply to Poincy -- or "Linguistics 101: The End" (fwd)

From: Michel DeGraff <degraff@MIT.EDU>

Wow...  This is a much welcome post from my favorite Linguistics 101
student.  Maybe I deserve a special award for having passed Poincy's
pointed `test' for successful teaching.  And this may a good sign that this
forum is making progress toward the search for truth.  Nothing like a
no-holds-barred, but gentemanly, devil's advocate to clarify one's
arguments, specially when these arguments can be heard for what they're
really worth, without (too many) ideological blinders coming in the way.

> At any rate, Professor linguist 101 :-), I join the dancing and singing
> and reach out to give you a big pat in the back that you rightly
> deserve.

Poincy monche`, Me`si anpil!  "Dancing and singing"?  Sounds like a
"konbit".  I am all for it.

Now, can I please be promoted to Professor of Creolistics 2001, in time for
the new millennium?  The millennial project ahead: How can we effectively
get rid of the second-class status of Creole in Haiti and elsewhere, not
just in theory, but also in actual practice?  

As a summer project, I plan to finish a manuscript for use in Creolistics
2001.  Working title: _Toward a new perspective on Creole studies_.

MIT Linguistics & Philosophy, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139-4307
degraff@MIT.EDU        http://web.mit.edu/linguistics/www/degraff.home.html