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#4015: The Haitian people did it right, their leaders messed it up (fwd)

From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>

The Haitian Times Editorial
The Haitian people did it right, their leaders messed it up
Last week, millions of Haitians braced under a scorching sun and the threat
of violence and voted. According to official records about 60 percent of the
three million eligible voters went to the polls, surpassing many established
democracies. Yet, the Haitian people find themselves in yet again another
crisis, created by leaders who appeared to have vowed that the country would
not move ahead.
Even before the polls were closed, the ruling party of Lavalas Family
declared itself the victors. In the United States, with the advent of
technology and exit polling that is done routinely. But not in Haiti, where
people still stuff ballot boxes that have to be counted by hand. So the
notion of Lavalas confidently proclaiming victory is baffling. It takes
about a week to tally all of the votes. Predictably, the opposition cried
foul and it didn't help the ruling party that ballots were strewn in the
streets and the government began arresting opposition leaders.
Are there no sane people running the country? Why do we have to keep taking
the country down the abyss. The Haitian people have been crying out for
responsible leadership. They have done their parts over and over since Jean
Claude Duvalier fled the country in 1986. And more than a decade later, we
still can't organize an elections, or at least we give the appearance. It is
clear that the country needs new leadership, the old political class has
discredited itself.
There is a cadre of young entrepreneurs who are quietly building businesses
and talking about how the current group of political leaders is undermining
their ability to move the country ahead. These businessmen should find
like-minded politicians and support them, to provide the country with a
tangible alternative. It is obvious that the people want the country to move
ahead but the leaders don't have the will or the ability to do so.
Give the people what they want.