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#4019: Fwd: Haitian Retirees in the US (fwd)

From: Walter Miale <wmiale@acbm.qc.ca>

>From: "Common Courage Political Literacy Course"

>Subject: Haitian Retirees in the US
>"Numerous Haitian human-rights violators have resided in the United States
>in recent years, unmolested by the authorities. Their hands and souls are
>bloody from carrying out the repression of the Duvalier dynasty, or the
>overthrow of the democratically elected Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide in
>1991, or the return to repression after the coup. Among their numbers are:
>Luckner Cambronne, Haiti's minister of the interior and defense under
>Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier and adviser to his son and successor, Jean
>Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.
>Army Lt. Col. Paul Samuel Jeremie. After Baby Doc was forced to abdicate
>in 1986, Jeremie was convicted of torturing Duvalier opponents and
>sentenced to 15 years in prison. He escaped in 1988.
>  General Prosper Avril, another Haitian dictator, responsible for the
>torture of opposition activists, whom he then displayed, bloodied, on
>television. Forced out by angry mobs in 1990, he was flown to Florida by
>the US government, where he might have lived happily ever after except
>that some of his former torture victims brought suit against him. At one
>point in the process, he failed to make a court appearance and thus
>defaulted. He fled to several countries trying to find haven. Meanwhile,
>in 1994, a US federal judge awarded $41 million to six Haitians living in
>the US.
>  During the period of Aristide's exile, 1991-94, Colonel Carl Dorelien
>oversaw a 7,000-man force whose well-documented campaign of butchery
>included murder, rape, kidnapping and torture, leading to the deaths of
>some 5,000 Haitian civilians. The good colonel has found a home in Florida
>as well.
>  We also have leading Haitian death-squad leader, Emmanuel Constant,
>former head of FRAPH, the paramilitary group of thugs which spread deep
>fear amongst the Haitian people with its regular murders, torture, public
>beatings, arson raids on poor neighborhoods and mutilation by machete in
>the aftermath of the coup against Aristide. He was on the CIA payroll in
>Haiti and now lives in New York. The State Department refused a Haitian
>extradition request for Constant and stopped his deportation back to that
>country. Constant apparently knows of a lot of skeletons in the American
>  Other Haitians of this ilk residing in the United States include Major
>General Jean-Claude Duperval, and Ernst Prud'homme, a high-ranking member
>of the Bureau du Information et Coordination, a notoriously violent
>propaganda unit."
>--From "Rogue State," by William Blum
>  http://www.commoncouragepress.com/blum_rogue.html