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#4027: Rogue's Gallery in the US (fwd)

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

"Numerous Haitian human-rights violators have resided in the United States
in recent years, unmolested by the authorities. Their hands and souls are
bloody from carrying out the repression of the Duvalier dynasty, or the
overthrow of the democratically elected Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide in
1991, or the return to repression after the coup. Among their numbers are:
Luckner Cambronne, Haiti's minister of the interior and defense under
Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier and adviser to his son and successor, Jean
Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.
Army Lt. Col. Paul Samuel Jeremie. After Baby Doc was forced to abdicate
in 1986, Jeremie was convicted of torturing Duvalier opponents and
sentenced to 15 years in prison. He escaped in 1988.
  General Prosper Avril, another Haitian dictator, responsible for the
torture of opposition activists, whom he then displayed, bloodied, on
television. Forced out by angry mobs in 1990, he was flown to Florida by
the US government, where he might have lived happily ever after except
that some of his former torture victims brought suit against him. At one
point in the process, he failed to make a court appearance and thus
defaulted. He fled to several countries trying to find haven. Meanwhile,
in 1994, a US federal judge awarded $41 million to six Haitians living in
the US.
  During the period of Aristide's exile, 1991-94, Colonel Carl Dorelien
oversaw a 7,000-man force whose well-documented campaign of butchery
included murder, rape, kidnapping and torture, leading to the deaths of
some 5,000 Haitian civilians. The good colonel has found a home in Florida
as well.
  We also have leading Haitian death-squad leader, Emmanuel Constant,
former head of FRAPH, the paramilitary group of thugs which spread deep
fear amongst the Haitian people with its regular murders, torture, public
beatings, arson raids on poor neighborhoods and mutilation by machete in
the aftermath of the coup against Aristide. He was on the CIA payroll in
Haiti and now lives in New York. The State Department refused a Haitian
extradition request for Constant and stopped his deportation back to that
country. Constant apparently knows of a lot of skeletons in the American
  Other Haitians of this ilk residing in the United States include Major
General Jean-Claude Duperval, and Ernst Prud'homme, a high-ranking member
of the Bureau du Information et Coordination, a notoriously violent
propaganda unit."

--From "Rogue State," by William Blum