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#4051: Montreal's Upcoming International Creole Day Celebration (fwd)



This is to inform you that KIPKAA (Komite Inisyativ pou Kore Alfabetizasyon 
ann Ayiti / Committee for an Initiative to Advance Literacy in Haiti) will be 
holding its Annual International Creole Day Celebration on October 28th in 
Montreal at:

Centre St. Pierre
Salle Visitation
1212, rue Panet
Montréal, Quebec, CANADA

In that I am this year's featured speaker, Pierre Bain of KIPKAA and I will 
be maintaining the Official KIPKAA Creole Day Web Page within the MIT2 Web 
Site at:


I will be speaking on the topic:

Kreyòl ak Teknoloji: Zanmi oswa lennmi? 
La rencontre entre le créole et la technologie : amis ou ennemis? 
Creole Meets Technology: Friend or Foe? 

A short abstract of the talk in the three languages is available at the URL 
shown above.

Pierre promises to provide much more multi-lingual information from the 
Montreal side of the equation as we get closer to the date.

I'd like to invite those of us in the Northeast of the US to consider a trip 
to Montreal during the Fall Season!


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