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#4062: Chabon and Cachon : Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@ecosse.net>

although this is an aside to the present post, i would mention that over the
years, altho i have lived in Haiti several times, and have been a student of
the culture, history, etc for 20 years, i STILL have never quite understood
why Haiti suffers from generational deforestation, while the DR does

poverty has been about the same, a non-caring elitist oligarchy has ruled
both countries, both have been dealth with, in good and bad ways, by the US,
both were occupied for close to the same period of time, etc....

yet, we all know the familar sight of approaching the island and seeing the
verdant green to the left, and the oppressing brown to the right...

one day, maybe i will finally understand the dramatic difference between the
two sections....