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#4066: Haiti Progres and the dreaded "nationwide insurrection" : a comment


<< A nationwide insurrection is thought to be possible, a real threat, 
 enough to justify arresting a lot of people??
 After such a massive election victory???  
 Pull the other one!  
 Sounds more like something out of the likes of J.Edgar Hoover's 
 demented fantasies about black communist conspiracies.   >>
So, you're saying that a popular landslide election victory precludes a 
nationwide insurrection?  If memory serves me, just such an insurrection 
followed Aristide's landslide victory, albeit nine months later.  How does it 
follow that it is illogical to expect such a thing again and to subsequently 
act to ensure a peaceful post-election period?  Apparently popular support is 
less powerful and secure than support of the ruling elite...

I loved Bob DellaValle-Rauth's suggestion to Norton and Bauduy to talk to the 
"people."  I noticed the Americans who were with the government did not mix 
with Haitians that much and retained their Americanness.  I was at the Royal 
Haitian having dinner one evening and the embassy staff was having a party of 
some kind out in the courtyard.  It was a theme party.....the theme was 
Hawaiian Luau!!  I thought it was very telling.  Although I realize that 
embassy personnel are not encouraged to meld with the culture, I think that 
is a tactical error which hurts both sides.  I wonder, when I hear of people 
who have lots of dealings with Haiti and who are critical to the extreme of 
Aristide, why they have trouble seeing that side of things.  It really makes 
me wonder what their agenda is and who they do talk to.

Kathy Dorce