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#4078: Voodoo Science (fwd)


"Voodoo Science: The Road From Foolishness to Fraud," by Robert L. Park, is a 
new book from Oxford University Press.  A reviewer in this Sunday's New York 
Times calls it a worthy book "chock-full of the latest pseudoscientific 
hoaxes, scams and cases of sheer foolishness," and concludes that "Whatever 
else you may think about pseudoscience, at least it's entertaining.  For much 
more of this high comedy, see the frequently droll and invariably 
enlightening pages of Robert Park's `Voodoo Science.'" 

George Bush a decade ago brought "Voodoo economics" to the world; now it's 
"Voodoo science" courtesy of Oxford University Press.  Vodou, Haiti's 
contribution to the world, stands for everything that's bogus, absurd, 
cultish or silly.  In comparison, "Catholic" or "Kosher" points firmly to 
what's orthodox, trustworthy and good.  Nothing apologetic about it.  Vodou 
is singled out for mockery; Haiti's deplorable conditions are an added 
comedic element.  Anybody who doesn't appreciate the humor is likely not from 
the dominant culture or else doesn't appreciate a good joke.

Daniel Simidor