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#4076: Aristide and the future: Gill replies to Chamberlain


> People have a right to see Lavalas like that of course,
> but I have the right to regard them as people
> criminally perpetuating an attitude which will advance
> Haiti (or any other country) not one inch

for any student of politics, the attitudes often expressed about the
supposed "moral high ground" of Lavalas over other groups is seen as nothing
more than shallow emotionalism......misplaced idealism on the part of people
who choose to remain ignorant of "realpolitik"

for example, there are many in Lavalas who are former Duvalierists, simply
because they see Lavalas as the current "winner" and even some elite groups
have "turned over a new leaf" and "joined the movement"....now, it does not
take rocket science to figure out their motives....

is it wrong for former members of a Duvalier group or an elite group to
become followers of Aristide?  no, it is not....but, what is wrong is for
people to give the impression that supporters are morally superior to other
Haitians......this is quite silly, yet it is often perpetrated, and often on
this list......