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#4085: New Jersey announcement


The New Jersey Performing Art Center (NJPAC) is sponsoring a
summer festival series every Thursday night from 5PM to 10PM
starting on June 1 until August 31. Admission is free. A number
of Haitian artists will be performing. Below is a list of the
relevant dates. I am a member of the group MOZAYIK which will be
performing on June 29th.

For directions to NJPAC and more information on parking,
call 1.888.GO.NJPAC or visit www.njpac.org.



Thursday, June 1, 2000

    Choro Quartet
    City:           NY / NJ
    Music Genres:   Choro (Brazilian)

    The Holland Tunnel Project
    City:           Newark, NJ (Essex)
    Music Genres:   Acid Jazz

    Beethova Obas
    City:           Wantagh, NY
    Music Genres:   Haitian/Caribbean Troubadour

Thursday, June 29, 2000

    Killian-Braham Latin Jazz Project
    City:           Middlesex County
    Music Genres:   Latin Jazz

    City:           Essex County
    Music Genres:   ?Moderately Subdued Psychedelic Cowboy Swamp Rock?

    City            Brooklyn, NY
    Music Genres:   Afro-Jazz with Haitian Roots

    Crescent City Maulers
    City:           Colonia, NJ
    Music Genres:   Swing

Thursday, July 6, 2000

    Gordon James Band
    City:           Middlesex, NJ
    Music Genres:   Jazz

    City:           NJ / NY
    Music Genres:   Female Vocalist

    City:           East Orange, NJ (Essex)
    Music Genres:   World Beat (Haitian)

    The International Garífuna Band with Paula Castillo & Omar Suazo
    City:           Bronx, NY
    Music Genres:   Garífuna Music from Honduras, Belize &

Thursday, July 13, 2000

    Alix Pascal
    City:           New York City
    Music Genres:   Jazz Guitarist, Haitian

    City:           New York City
    Music Genres:   Experimental/Brazilian Folk, Classical Chamber, Jazz

    Latin Jazz Express
    City:           Passaic Park, NJ (Passaic)
    Music Genres:   Latin Jazz

    Coko Sukali?s Band
    City:           Brooklyn, NY
    Music Genres:   Congolese, Soukous

Thursday, August 3, 2000

    Stars of the Oasis
    City:           Hasbrouck Heights, NJ (Bergen)
    Music Genres:   Middle Eastern percussion ensemble

    Brasil & Co.
    City:           West New York, NJ (Hudson)
    Music Genres:   Bossa Nova, Best of Brazilian Music

    Vocal Desandann*
    City:           Cuba (Haitian descent)
    Music Genres:   Haitian-Cuban Folk