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#4073: Film festival at BAM in Brooklyn, NY

From: Carolle Charles <Carolle_Charles@baruch.cuny.edu>

One of the artist, Michele Stephenson is of Haitian descent
and is also a member of DWA Fanm

The Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC) would like to thank everyone who 
participated in the 34th BAC International Film and Video Festival. 
Everyone's enthousiasm and support was very important for the success of the

event and greatly appreciated! 

Following you will find information about films to be screened and days of 
the screenings.  Please call BAC at 718/625 00 80 for the exact times!  

Thank you all again for being a wonderfull group of artists, for your 
understanding and 
good words! Please forward the following information to friends who may want

to attend.  The venues are great to visit anyway, the works fun to watch
the most important of all, everything is free! 

Please if you need additional information about a specific entry e-mail to 
me.  I will really appreciate it.
See you at the screenings!
Calliope Liadi

The 34th BAC International Film & Video Festival!
June 6-12, 2000

Tuesday, June 6
Brooklyn Academy of Music BAM Rose Cinema 2
30 Lafayette Avenue, off Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn 
4:00 pm to 11:00 pm - Selected Works

Wednesday, June 7
Brooklyn Academy of Music BAM Rose Cinema 1
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn
10:00 am - 12:00 noon  - Youth Category 
12:30 pm -  2:30 pm  - Youth Category 
3:00 pm -  11:00pm  - Selected Works

Thursday, June 8
Sony Wonder Technology Lab
550 Madison Avenue & 56 Street, Manhattan
6:00 pm -  8:00 pm - Youth Category · Q&A to follow screening.

Friday, June 9
The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Cantor Auditorium
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
12:00 pm - 5 pm - Selected Works & Tribute to Brooklyn Video Artists

Saturday, June 10
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Uris Center Auditorium
Fifth Avenue & East 83rd Street, Manhattan
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Selected Works

Monday, June 12 
Ocularis at Galapagos Art and Performance Space
70 North Sixth Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
6:00 pm -8:00 pm -  Panel discussion: "Traditional and Digital Filmmaking
Interactive Media."
8:30pm - 11:00pm Tribute to Brooklyn Filmmakers

Primary Sponsor:  CABLEVISION of New York City
Supporting Sponsors: filmNetworks, The Independent Film and Video Monthly

**All programs subject to change**

Some of the highest rating works include:

Earl's Canoe by Director Tom Vennum, a documentary that introduces Earl 
Nyholm, member of the Ojibwe Nation, showing the process of canoe-making;
at 4:00pm, and 6/10 

Search for Hansen by Justin Bryant, about the life of Harlem photographer 
Austin Hansen and his relationship to the Harlem community; 6/7/00 

Nuyorican Dream by Laurie Collyer, chronicles the struggles and aspirations 
of three generations of an immigrant Puerto Rican family in New York; 6/6/00

at 6:00pm

Women in Black by Claudia Sherwood, a documentary that explores the 
psychological landscape of Catholicism in the 50's and 60's through archival

footage as well as interviews with former students and the nuns who taught 
them; 6/7/00 at 4:00pm.

Click Three Times by Victoria Sampson featuring Isabel Sanford, Kelly
Nancy Kandar, and Charles Kahlenbas, a story about a mentally-challenged 
young woman who finds escape in painting and believes that the bag lady
hiding in her garage is her fairy god-mother; 6/7  

Pancho's Revenge, a comedy by Jorge Aguirre featuring Luis Francisco Vega as

Freddy and Otto Sanchez  as Pepe, a disillusioned radical "kills" his old 
self and goes to Colombia to find new meaning in his life; 6/6 & 6/10

Man Woman Film, by Cameron Pearson, a New Wave-influenced film featuring 
Cameron Diaz, Lee Arenberg, Ian Stevens and Anel Lopez; 6/7

What Ever Happened to Kathy?, by Brooklyn-based director Chris Cain, 
featuring Mark McClain Wilson, Kim Buecne, Lucy Gallucci, about a search for

a B-movie actress from the 1970's. 6/12

Broad Beans, Dir. Konstantia Kontaxis
Narrative, 16mm, 18 min., 1999, Greece, NY Premiere
Principal cast: Vagelis Mourikis, Zoe Voudourts
A comic tale of revenge and superstitions "Broad Beans" explores the ancient

riddle of the beans, a symbol of growth, life and rebirth to the Aegean 
people. 6/6

Play Mas, Dir. Michele Stephenson
Documentary, beta, 29 min., 1999, USA
A behind-the-scenes look at a great tradition: the Caribbean Labor Day
in Brooklyn. Enjoyable, informative and personal, Play Mas captures the 
cultural diversity and richness of NY. 6/6, 6/9 and 6/10

Out The Fire, Dir. Luke Jaeger
Animation, 16mm, 4 min, 1999, USA, NY Premiere
An animated romp set to a 1946 calypso tune about the New York Fire 

Phases, Dir. Marcus Young
Experimental, video, 4 min., 2000, USA
Phases is video face-dancing.  The show alldes to Asian theatre masks and 
resembles a scientific etude of facial expression. 6/7

Reassembly, Dir. George Stankevich
Animation, video, 8 min, USA, NY Premiere
College Student
Youths find their place in the world. 6/6

Seven Hours to Burn, Dir. Shanti Thakur
Documentary, 16mm, 9 min, 1999, USA
The filmmaker explores her Indian father's and Danish mother's experience of

two different wars based on ethnic and religious purity. 6/6 and 6/10

Fire of Time, Director: Adam Cohen
Documentary, beta, 28 min., 2000 US Premiere
City images, buildings and urban decay become the central characters that 
tell the story of Barcelona's Barrio Chino, historic red light district and 
workrers' quarter. The film captures the sense of the sorrow of the passing 
of time and the afterimage of what has already vanished. 6/6, 6/9 and 6/10

Labyrinth by Russian Director Olya Darphy, an experimental film about the 
life of Epitan, who is wandering incessantly in the labyrinth of his soul, 
trying to comprehend the world. 6/10