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#4106: Pina comments (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

"Where Haiti has a 'democracy problem' is unfortunately with
that last 5% of the population.  This includes most of the
political leaders in Haiti and a significant number of
uneducated fanatics (ie. the tire burners).  These two
groups use each other to thwart the democratic process for
the remaining 95%."

Well you better just watch out cause the "Chimere Rouge" and 
POl-Aristide-POT are coming to town. You better be naughty and not be nice 
because you may have to face forced labor in the countryside alongside the 
peasants of Haiti. Oh, horror of horrors!! Hide your glasses!!

Please give me a little Sendero Luminoso so I see where the heck they are 
going. Then again, in a pinch, a Cali or Medellian cartel will do, whatever 
it takes.

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