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#4123: Blanchet responds to Amy Wilentz

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

"then there will  be no runoff election and a period of
calm should continue until the presidential election.
President Preval will be able to start in on the Lavalas
agenda as soon  as the new legislature is seated"

Although I generally agree with Amy's analysis - both its

tone and substance - I think she has gone on a limb with

that sentence. Even if one overlooks the OAS/EOM's

challenge - a most serious issue in my opinion - according

to the results issued by the CEP, Lavalas won 28 seats in

the lower house and is leading in 25 other races.  This leaves

30 other races (83 - 28 - 25) in which presumably some other

party is leading.

And of course the elections have yet to take place in the


Very definitely, a second round is an absolute necessity!

Let us hope the parties will overcome their differences  and

wrap up the process in a manner commensurate with the

disciplined and dignified performance of the Haitian electorate.