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#4115: Haiti Statistics (fwd)

From: Nancy Casey <casey931@cs.uidaho.edu>

[Please all:  Send these to Nancy at the address above this request.
I just don't have time to forward them to her.  Nancy will post 
a compilation of responses to the list when she has that.]


I will be teaching math this summer in a two-week seminar for Haitian
teachers led by Konbit Pwof/Project Teach.  I want to teach a lesson on
Statistics and Estimation and so I am soliciting information from the
group.  I would like to have on hand as many statistics about Haiti and
things Haitian as I can gather. Do you have a "favorite" statistic or one
that you find particularly informative or compelling?  How about
statistical questions, such as how many goats are there on Lagonav?

I hope to end up with potentially conflicting statistics on a broad range
of matters.  Thanks in advance.

Please send your responses directly to me:

Nancy Casey   casey931@cs.uidaho.edu