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#4120: Aristide and the future: Gill responds to Pina

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

i have been reading and writing in several languages for many years.....i
normally think of myself as at least somewhat coherent....apparently not, in
regards the question of morals and Lavalas....

Lavalas, which is based on the vision of Aristide, does, in fact, promote
goals that are more democratic than any other group......they are
laudable....that is not, nor was it my point....

again, i thought i made myself clear when i said that it "made me giggle"
(this comment produced a personal attack from a very emotional source) when
i read posts that seemed to project Lavalas suipporters on some higher moral
plane than the rest of the Haitian people....
as tho Lavalas members were above anything illegal, questionable,
authoritarian, repressive or the like....we know better.....

not ONCE did i question the vision, the goals....as i said in another post
being sent this day, i have already stated that if Mr Aristide can begin the
process of real change for Haiti, he will be the most important President in
the history of the country..... i made this comment several days ago....