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#4149: Dorce On Moral Superiority, Lavalas and the Duvalierists ...


In a message dated 06/08/2000 8:21:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Jepiem@aol.com

<< What are we embarking on here? Who is going to define what morality is for 
 politician? To grant the Lavalass party and its leader a pass for "Moral 
 Superiority" is like leading the pigs to the slaughter blindfolded, or 
 through a tunnel like they do for the cows. >>
I am only speaking for myself, but I do not imbue Lavalas or Aristide with 
superior qualities, moral or otherwise.  What they STAND for is, to me, 
vastly superior to any other candidate or party platform I have heard of in 
Haiti.  I look at what has been said and written and since Aristide and 
Lavalas never got a decent chance to implement these changes, I haven't had a 
reason to withhold my support.  Nothing I have heard has proven to me that 
Aristide is no longer interested in the welfare of his country and his 
people.  We are talking ideas and ideals.  If I found out that Aristide was 
in it for personal gain at the expense of the poor (like the elites and 
politicians have always done), I would have no problem condemning him as I do 
the others.  Until then I stand for what Aristide stands for and that is why 
I defend him.  I do not mistake him for a god.  But those who criticize him 
for failing to transform Haiti in his first seven months of office, obviously 
did.  Again:  Lavalas and Aristide, subject to the same scrutiny as anyone or 
any party.  The ideals espoused by same are morally superior to the status 
quo or Duvalierism.  If Aristide turns out to be sincere in his belief in 
these ideals and dedicated to their implementation, then he will have proven 
himself to be morally superior to the remainder.  In my opinion.

Kathy Dorce