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#4146: Aristide and the future: Gill responds to Pina (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

Thank you ver much for that clarification. My only possible point of 
departure is with the statement:

"Lavalas, which is based on the vision of Aristide, does, in fact,
promote goals that are more democratic than any other group......they are 
laudable....that is not, nor was it my point...."

My reading of history is that the philosophy and goals of Lavalas have less 
to with Aristide than it does with the sweep of Haitian history itself. 
Aristide and Lavalas are both products of that history and have emerged as 
the recent incarnation of a movement that has fought long and hard for 
social and economic justice in Haiti.

Are they morally superior? By no means, as human nature itself will attest. 
I am just of a mind where I am not afraid to take a hard look and really 
listen when people have the courage to change their lives and are not afraid 
to utter the word justice.
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