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#4153: Corbett's back after 36 hours off-line -- look out: here they come!!!!!

I was off-line for 36 hours.  That's the longest time since I got back
from Vienna in 1998!!!!!

I had to dismantle my entire computer set up, lug it across the street
to the local school where the Homecoming days were held.  Then I set
up there and showed Dogtown history stuff to simply huge crowds until
nearly midnight two days in a row when the festival closed at 10 PM
each evening.

I dreaded this morning when I set out to reestablish my computer set
up in my utterly disastrous home office.  But, here I am just a bit
afternoon, everything is working (including me) and I'm about to unleash
a stream of Haiti mail to you all.

Oh my, I'm feeling so lazy today, I hope my discipline holds out and
I get caught up!!!

Best,  Bob Corbett