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#4159: Haiti's Woes Just Keep on Multiplying : Gill comments

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

none of this should be surprizing......Haiti is in the struggle of trying to
move from a traditonal oligarchy to something akin to :"democracy", which as
Kevin Pena says, is the culmination of a long struggle for social justice,
economic justice, etc.....

there is no example that i know of where such a transition is clean, or
easy.....rather, the process of change will take years.....tradtional
sources of power will have to yield, and opposition groups will have to
yield, etc....

order in the political process will take time, and no one should expect
anything else.....there will be steps forward, and steps backward.....again,
no one should expect anything else...it will take time for groups to change
their motivation away from self interest to the "national interest", that
is, putting the concerns of the country ahead of  personal gain......such an
attitude change cant just happen overnight.....