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#4180: On Post election arrests (fwd)


Does it not strike as odd to anyone that crime goes on in Haiti as if the 
Police or the Justice system in Haiti didn't even exist, while some swift 
arrests could be made after the election on charges of sedition or incitement 
to violence? People are being killed in broad daylight and the Police don't 
seem to have a clue as to who or where the criminals are. Recently, a son who 
was enraged at his father for absconding with his drug money went to the 
small locality where his father lives, along with some of his associate 
thugs, terrorized the normally peaceful populace, totally ransacked his newly 
built house ( rebuilt with the help of some drug money I presume) took the 
father's car while the father went into hiding and just gave it away (don't 
be raising an eyebrow, this is Haiti) and left without even being stopped on 
the single road that goes in and out of that community, and to the date of 
this writing, the father is still in hiding and the son has not even been 
questionned for his misdeed by the police. Is there a process of selective 
enforcement of the law or does the police have no law to guide them in their