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#4188: Dorce On Moral Superiority, answers M. Jerome (fwd)


In a message dated 06/11/2000 10:44:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Jepiem@aol.co
m writes:

<< He will have proven himself to be a good leader, a good visionary, a good 
 tactician, a good politician and a good president. I will be happy too.But 
 could we please leave morality out of that? I think Clinton has been a good 
 President of the United States or at least I see him trying hard to be that. 
 But do I want him to be my moral beacon? of course not. Understood? >>
Yes SIR!  ;)  I understand what you are saying about President Clinton.  I 
agree with you that his morality with regard to his private affairs (ahem!) 
is lacking.  But I go further and say that he holds moral ground with regard 
to his approach to governance.  THAT is why his personal life was exposed, 
because the Republicans couldn't attack his presidential ethics.  You'd 
better believe they would have gotten him there if there had been one 
opening.  The millions of dollars spent to discredit him is shameful.  If the 
same folks could have found something concrete on Aristide, you'd better 
believe we'd all know that by now!  One's morality isn't a complete package 
where weakness in one area discounts moral behavior in another.  

While morality is a subjective term, can we agree that people who believe 
that poor, uneducated Haitians are sub-human and not worthy of consideration 
are less moral in the area of human rights than those who believe that all 
humans deserve certain inalienable rights?  Aristide may suffer from a kind 
of "the ends justify the means" desperation; it is not easy to fight a tiger 
with a dove.  I do believe that in the area of human rights, Aristide holds 
the higher ground but  injustice and war waged against you, makes people 
desperate.   Running drugs towards the end of human rights is immoral, in my 
book.  If it is proven he is doing that, it will ruin all he has tried to 
accomplish.  Give me proof.

Kathy Dorce