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#4191: Fwd: [gscn] Seeking Informants for an Article on Haiti/DR Relations (fwd)

From: Alice Eddie Backer <edback50@yahoo.com>

An acquaintance of mine needed the following
information and I thought the list could help.

People can respond directly to her.
--- Zoltec7@aol.com wrote:
> Folks: 
> I am writing an article on race relations in the
> Dominican Republic, specifically as it relates to: 
>  -DR's relationship with Haiti/Haitians
>  -racial discrimination against Haitians and
> Afro-Dominicans during the most recent elections and
> human rights abuses of blacks in general. 
>  -construction of race in the D.R.
> I need informants with either an academic background
> in the subject, or personal/anecdotal information
> worth sharing from [Haitians and/or Dominicans (U.S.
> or foreign-born) interested in the topic]. 
> If intersted, please contact Marinieves Alba (mari)
> at 
> zoltec7@aol.com ASAP.
> I will be hosting interviews thorugh 6/20.
> Thank you. 
> Peace
> Mari 

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