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#4195: Pina replies to Dorce (fwd)

From: kevin pina <cariborganics@hotmail.com>

No, they cannot prove it but the accusation remains good as gold as we will 
see shortly in the months to come. I have it upon good word that Helms and 
others are trying to prepare indictments for Aristide and other Lavalas 
officials on charges of "trafficking" or complicity therein.

It is a dark blemish on US foreign policy when, as the esteemed Mr. 
Chmaberlain states, "the pot calls the kettle black." It is a cheap and easy 
moniker to label someone without evidence, but then that has been a staple 
of US policy since the Dulles boys and their imaginary fight against 
communism in Asia, Latin America and Caribbean. The follow through in US 
policy, of that philosophy, led to the deaths of untold thousands of people 
in El Salvador and Nicaragua including Maryknoll nuns and Archbishop Romero.

I wish the US government would finally understand that trying to rule does 
not always provide one with the truth of reality in a particular situation 
such as Haiti. They thought they were fighting communism in Vietnam while 
the Vietnamese people thought they were fighting for national liberation. A 
discrepency in reality which I pray will not be repeated in Haiti.  I would 
choose to believe a Jean-Bertrand Aristide over a wannabe John Foster Dulles 
any day of the week.

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