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#4207: Performance of journalists: Chamberlain responds to Simidor (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Simidor wrote:

> One undeniable fact is how friendly 
> Agence France Presse and its Haiti 
> correspondent at the time, Dominique 
> Levanti, had been toward Baby Doc and 
> his wench Michele.  

That's news to me and to anyone else 
who knew Levanti well in those days.  
Can "Daniel" would give us the source 
of this "undeniable fact."  I'm afraid he 
wouldn't stand a hope in hell of getting 
Norton's job using terminology like that!

> The authors unveil other instances of 
> French nastiness in Haiti.  Does that 
> justify Chamberlain's hostility toward 
> them (...) ?

Why should I be hostile to them because 
they criticise France, a country like any other?

> Poor Chamberlain's nose is still bloody 
> from the lesson administered by Kim 
> Ives about journalists "who worship official 
> sources" and internalize "corporate 
> capitalism as the natural order for a democracy." 

Again, first I've heard about it!  Haiti Progres'
imagination running amok again...

I'm interested that Kim Ives spent most
of his post describing a worldwide media 
conspiracy only to conclude that I'm unfair to say
people have an unhealthy inclination to believe 
there is one!

        Greg Chamberlain