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#4210: Volunteer or Jjob opportunities in Haiti (fwd)

From: John Rigney <John_Rigney@hyde.edu>

[Please reply directly to John Rigney and not to the list.]

I am looking for information on volunteer or job opportunities in Haiti. 
I am interested in working for as long as a year (starting January 2001)
in a developing country like Haiti and would appreciate any help making
connections.  I am aware of some of the recent and not so recent struggles
for change that Haiti has gone through.  Although I do not know where I
could fit in and provide help, I know there must be some opportunities
available.  Ideally, I would prefer a paid position (or stipended) to help
cover expenses, but am primarily interested in the opportunity to help.  I
have teaching and coaching experience (classroom, English writing and
literature; outdoor experiential education), as well as construction
experience (extensive volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity).  I know
there is a spot for what I am offering and hope you can help.  Contact
information is provided below.  Thank you very much.

John Rigney

Please send information to:

John Rigney
P.O. Box 237
Woodstock, CT

Email:  jrigney@hyde.edu
Phone: (860) 963-4729