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#4219: Questions on Repatriations and international law (fwd)

From: Jocelyn McCalla <JMcCalla@nchr.org>

Kevin Pina says with respect to the US deportation of Haitian immigrants
convicted of a crime in the US the following:

This bending of international law has left the Haitian people at the mercy 
of dangerous thugs exported from the US while a new professional police 
force struggles from within and without to contain the problem. 

What international law is being bent? Is it possible for a convicted
criminal to abandon a life of crime and become a law-abiding citizen? Is
there concrete evidence - rather than hearsay -- that Haiti's crime wave is
due to the presence among Haitians of these "modern criminals?" In other
words, what proportions of crime in Haiti are committed by home-grown
criminals rather than former US convicts?