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#4237: Re: Morse/Driver/Chamberlain : Comments by Gill

From: markgill <markgill@clas.net>

They'll always be against a popular mandate.

Richard Morse made this statement in regards Nadal....may i say that there
are many like Nadal and whether they are fanatics or not, they represent
wealth and power in Haiti....

they cannot be ignored, regardless of how repugnant one might find
them....Mr. Aristide certaintly wont be able to ignore those of his
ilk.....they have been too strong in the past, and their strength is not
likely to just disappear...

having to deal with those like Nadal is a part of the consensus problem that
Aristide will have....whereas we might think those of this ilk should be
avoided, they represent a certain segment of the population, and they have
economic clout....