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#4239: Questions on Repatriations and international law (fwd)

From: M Schumann <schumannm@hotmail.com>

I cannot give statistical "evidence" to support Kevin Pina's claim that a 
rise in crime in Haiti is due to Haitians that have been deported from the 
US... but I would have to agree with his claim nonetheless.

The man who approached me about buying and/or helping him with his local 
drug sales was just back, i.e. deported, from Miami. He was the only person 
in O'Kap that even mentioned anything crime related to me.

What I was told by my friends was that the "only ones to fear" were "those 
boys from Miami", i.e. deported.

But really, is it not enough to look at the difference between living in 
Miami and living in O'Kap to see where violent crime is the norm. What kind 
of "evidence" do you need. It seems pretty obvious to me.

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