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#4241: Schumann comments on repatriation

From: M Schumann <schumannm@hotmail.com>

Of course, the US should not have to keep criminals that are not residents. 
Whether or not their deportation "bends" the law, I do not know. Personally, 
I've known of more Jamaicans that have been deported than Haitians.

But, in any case, the reason for the emotionally "slanted" outburst is 
simple. One goes to Haiti and finds that, aside from the general organized 
crime and corruption that pervades the country, the petty street criminals 
have often been to the US; they are unhappy about being stuck back in Haiti, 
usually unwanted, have adopted the street mentality of so many youths in US 
cities and on top of it all they have learned to be much better criminals!

Of course, Haiti breeds its own criminals. I just think that it is 
undeniable that the US deportees stand out both in attitude and severity, 
e.g. violence, of their approach.

Re: the story about the stoning in Cap Haitien. Whether or not one agrees 
with that kind of "justice", it is the most common form of "justice" that 
one finds in Haiti. The new police force has done little to change this. 
Whether or not one agrees with that kind of "justice", it works in so far as 
it dissuades crime. That will change with the new criminals, the deportees; 
they know to carry guns, use them and return to make a point.

Whatever the case may be, regarding law, statistics or what have you, the 
deportation of criminals back to Haiti is no doubt just one more blight upon 
the country. Pina is correct about this, whether his statements, or mine, 
are founded on emotions, personal observations or not.


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