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#4257: Refocussing the subject of crime and post election arrests. (fwd)


I believe the evidence is pretty scant for such widespread crime in the 
country. No one is denying or at least no one should that these rejects, most 
of them trained in the American and Canadian street school of crimes are in 
part responsible for some of the crime being commited, but do you think 
Haitian bred subjects should be totally exonerated? And do you think there is 
a parallel or a direct relationship between the political crimes and the so 
called petty crimes? I personally think these are two unrelated aspects of 
the crime scene in Haiti, as their motives are so different.. All of that 
still does not answer  the original question of the ineptitude of the police 
when it comes to most aspects of the criminal behavior versus their swift and 
effective entry in action when people were suspected of post election violent 
"intentions". They must have a pretty effective police spy network in place. 
Why don't they use it more often?