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#4276: On economic aberration from Laleau and Morse (fwd)

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

Laleau's comment falls in the same line of economic development thinking
that was aired in Ayiti in the 70s when they were promoting the assembly
industry. It was said that Ayiti was to become the TAIWAN OF THE
CARIBBEAN. What are Taiwan and Ayiti now?

Again this is a complete misunderstanding of what economics is all
about. We can't just fall in love with an economic trend. We must look
at how it helps to develop a local market that would empower the people
or give them some purchasing power. The computer industry is a service
industry and must serve a working economy where the first and second
sectors are linked. 

Practically, saying that Ayiti would be better off by focusing on
computer literacy is an economic aberration. Being a computer literate
to the point of being a programmer or software designer requires the
kind of mind that Laleau describes, only as a plus. Laleau seems to
describe basically the mind of an artist. Yes, they can second the
essential skill required from a programmer or software designer.

Laleau and Morse should know that excellence in math is a prerequisite
to give one the logical thinking pattern necessary to become a software
programmer or software designer. Just possessing the mind of an artist
does not make one an automatic programmer. I am sorry. Sometimes when
one thinks that s/he is taking a huge leap to the 21st century by
burning the stages, s/he falls harder on the face to never be able to
have a face-lift.

Another aspect to consider: to promote Laleau and Morse grand idea, a
specific type of infrastructure is necessary. The basic one,
electricity, Ayiti does not know how to provide it. Education, I have
nothing to say on that. How in the ancestors' names, it can logically
happen with these two strongly in place. That's economic folly. Let's
come back down to earth folks, we are talking of real economic
development here.

India is the place computer giants go to avoid the high cost of software
building in their home countries. You know why: that's because these
folks are "math crazy". They are just good. You know why: that's because
the government of India made it a point, to excel its people in math.
They promoted it, created the environment for it, gave the incentive for
it and made it very competitive. You know why: that's because India
wanted to join the high tech world. If Ayiti starts to learn how others
did it rather than just throwing ideas without understanding the
economics behind it how they work Ayiti will continue to lag behind. We
will always have people chasing grand ideas like becoming a Caribbean

Folks, let's just think economics for once. Grand ideas are just grand

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live