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#4283: On the failure of a democratic success: reply to Pierre from Poincy (fwd)



Everything you mention here makes perfect sense to me, except for one thing. 
I believe that Lavalas does have a clear agenda. Maybe this is because I am 
philosophically more attuned to the Lavalas movement than the other ones. 
However, I believe that a political party in Haiti or anywhere else has the 
responsibility to articulate is main goals to the general public, so they 
know what they are voting for when they actualy do vote. Just remember that 
Haitian proverb, Poincy: "mwen pap al acheté sak nan makout".

As I was saying before, I truly believe that Lavalas has a clear and 
articulate agenda for Haiti. That may explain its successes in the last 
electoral contest, to the dismay it seems, of everyone else. This Lavalas 
party has published in mid-december of last year a book called Investir Dans 
l'Humain, which I will continue to urge every one to read if they can get 
their hands on it. You may disagree with the approach or the rationale. But 
numbers don't lie and you can also use the facts to make your own analysis.

Aristide later on, published another book that is more philosophical, but 
which also helps more understand his personal vision for the country, and 
where he would like to see it headed to. That book, Eyes of the Heart, is 
also an interesting argument.

It is easier then to envision where the country may be heading with the 
Lavalas movement in power, than it would be with having some other group 
which does not define itself ideologically or otherwise.

I am in all honesty, trying hard to figure out what the opposition stands 
for. This was not a rhetorical question. I believe that the Haitian people 
know what they are voting for, not what they're voting against. This is what 
I think is dangerous for democracy, not the fact that Lavalas won 

Hyppolite Pierre