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#4301: Self-Criticism : Morse replies to Driver

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

Mr Driver:
I understand your feeling that there is a time and a place for 
everything, but six years down the road I don't like what I see; 
therefore I must criticize. I don't like a one party democracy although 
there's nothing wrong with one party having an overwhelming majority. 
The difference: Freedom of speech. The Lavalas movement, even with its 
overwhelming majority, is not permitting other political movements to 
express themselves. 
They are using a blend of mob violence, backed up by the new police 
force, to do their work. These tactics are being used by the party with 
an overwhelming majority. Whats the point? Its not necessary. Aristide 
has the majority AND the law on his side. If he can't take the high 
road, who can? The C.E.P can postpone all they want. Aristide will 
still have the majority. If there's a runoff, he'll still have the 
majority. The mobs aren't necessary. The tires aren't necessary. The 
rocks aren't necessary.
I've made this point before, when Cedras was here, the mobs were simply 
shot. Those that survived either joined Cedras (duri ak shu) or went 
off to the provinces.
Debate should be an exchange of ideas. Not mob intimidation. Every one 
already knows how to get the mobs off the street. You shoot them. Thats 
not the direction Haiti should be taking. I want to see Aristide, 
Manigat, Evans Paul, and whoever else, sitting on a stage, answering 
intelligent questions in creole. Questions in front of a live t.v. and 
radio audience.  A series of debates. Writing books in English, French 
and Creole is a P.R. tactic for the foreigners. How many people who 
went out and voted read either of those books. We're talking Haiti now, 
not a Colin Powell book tour.

Richard Morse