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#4304: Haiti in the year 2000

From: Bourbon <bourbon@haitiworld.com>

I have a friend who spent 3 months in Haiti and lived in a small
hotel near the Champ de Mars in Port-au-Prince.

Sundays she would like to treat herself to lunch at the Holiday Inn
- One Sunday while she was eating, the waiter said that there was a telephone
call for her and she answered, and to her astonishment someone outside
the hotel said to her hello, I know that your are having lunch, and you
aren't carrying no money on you, but I'm hungry, could you please send
the waiter outside with a hamburger and beer, and you can charge it to
your credit card.&nbsp; The waiter will recognize me because I'm the tall
guy with the cell phone in front of the hotel.

Do you laugh or cry?

Reynald Lally