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Assignment #5A and B (fwd): Student paper

From: Dad <htdmhorn@primary.net>

Submitted by Theresa Horn 
Assignment 5A and 5B 

James talks about faith in his essay.  He gives an hypothesis and options of faith along with risks in believing in faith.  He poses questions of faith and logical conditions of religious belief.  He goes into great detail in all these matters.  Belief in today's world is measured by action.  People's actions show this.  Some live today for fear of what might lay ahead of them in later years.  


My evaluative comments: 

I believe the essay was way too long to say what he said.  He could have said it in a much shorter fashion.  He beat around the bush a lot it seemed in getting his points across.  He was hard to follow because he used a different language in some of his quotes.  

I have faith and I believe that it goes a long way.  It seems that James gave both sides of faith, believing and what possibly happens if you don't or won't believe.