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#4325: An answer to White on A. foreign policy. (fwd)


The official cold war may be over, at least the one that used to be waged 
between the United States and the Soviet Union, as there is  no more Soviet 
Union. However as long as there are humans on this planet, there will always 
be some kind of war; war for control, war for power, war for territory, war 
for maintaining one's own prejudices, opinions and biases. Yes the Soviet 
Union is no more and the United States is  now the only dominating power, and 
whoever is in power is always fighting to maintain it. Hence the United 
States as a modern imperialistic if not openly colonialistic power. Remember 
however that the United States is helped by nationals in the dominated 
countries who sell out their country for money or for guarantee of power for 
themselves. Remember how Mr Aristide got to go back to Haiti and be now the 
dominant political force? If you make a pact with the devil, you have to pay 
your due once you get your wish. To pay the piper, mildly speaking.
            Math Jerome