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#4332: Something rotten in "America or Death" / a comment


I found your remarks about the NY Times Story interesting for several 

First, my reaction when I read this story was one of sadness...sadness that 
the Haitian people feel forced to resort to such methods of escape. 

Second, I appreciated the story for the insights I gleaned from a description 
of such a voyage.  It is one thing to hear bits and pieces, yet another to 
live it through the story of another. 

Third, my thoughts about bringing Epirb were that this was smart.  I really 
don't think it was as calculating as you alluded to.  I also do not believe 
that it was set off; I guess I have more faith in the integrity of the 
journalist. Maybe I am naive, but someone would have spilled the beans about 
an episode such as that....it would have been too good of a hit at the ole' 
USA folks not to take.

Personally, I appreciated such an article.  It brought Haiti to the 
forefront, and has given me another concrete tool to use in my work for the 
betterment of conditions for the people of Haiti.  I applaud the article!