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#4359: re; Jean Beaujour solutions (fwd)

From: David x Young <frelgo@interport.net>

JB Beaujour's notion of a different governmental structure for Haiti has
already been done--- and quite successfully--- for a while during the
reign of Jean Claude, who was a mere tad when fate made him the
President. Papa Doc had prepared for this by exactly the kind of
department divisions you suggest, all run by different ministers while
the son grew into his role as President. It was very successful! All
came to naught when the marriage of Michele Bennet put the greed of the
father Ernest Bennet into action and who then crippled the economy for
the rural folk. I was there to witness. Boat people, the works.
For some reason,with all the salivating adoration of the zozo priest,
this aspect of recent history seems to be ignored. It shouldn't be. It
was a MAJOR contribution to the current chaos.

David X Young